Das Motorradreise ABC

Worauf kommt es bei einer Motorradreise an? In diesem Clip erzähle ich, was mir unterwegs am wichtigsten ist: Das Abenteuer, die Begegnungen und das Campen. Das Video entstand auf einer Reise durch Namibia im Oktober 2022. Demnächst erzähle ich noch mehr über diese Reise.

pp110-Lois Pryce

Lois Pryce Iran

The british travel author Lois Pryce rode trough the Islamic Republic of Iran on a motorcycle. In this interview she talks about what it means, to travel in a country, where woman have to wear a headscarf and are not allowed to ride a bike. She met the most friendliest people and got deep into the way of life of this mostly unknown country.

Nach dem Interview ermitteln wir den Gewinner der DVD – Verlosung „Egal was kommt“.


pp106 – Grace Mwari

Grace Mwari

On our trip through Kenya we met Grace Mwari, an african adventure – biker. In this interview Grace talks about how she learned to ride in Inida and why riding offroad became her passion. She also started a company called „Rhino Riders“ who offers guided tours through Kenya. Experiencing the culture, the peoples and the wildlife of a country on a motorbike is something special, says Grace and we totally agree.



Toyin, Claudio, Fodeks

Toyin and Fodeks are two motorbikers from Nigeria. They are doing an adventure trip from Afrika to Europe. Starting from Nigeria they want to reach the arctic circle and drive all the way back on their BMW 1200 GS. The third Team member is Raph. He is following and filming them, also on a motorbike. Claudio met them for an interview in Germany.

More about this adventure: www.outofnigeriaadventure.com