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Ted Simon

On the HUBB UK Traveller-Event 2013 we spoke with Ted Simon, the author of the legendary book „Jupiter´s Travels“ (in german: „Jupiters Fahrt„) and many other storys about his motorcycle journeys round the world. Nowadays he is working on a book with the photos, he shot on his first travel between 1973 an 1977. He talks about his perspective on the world, which has changed so much and about his opinion about „political correctness“. In the last year he did a journey through Britain on a three-wheel motorbike called MP3. In 2011 he launched the „Ted Simon Foundation“ to encourage other travelers, to see the world through a personal adventure. In September 2013 Ted will also come to the MRT Gieboldehausen in Germany.

Jupiters Travellers

Ted Simon Foundation

Während ich in Indonesien unterwegs war, hat die Motorradreise – Legende Ted Simon (sieh Podcast #3)  am 6. Oktober eine Stiftung gegründet. Die Ted Simon Foundation will Menschen unterstützen, die mit dem Motorrad die Welt bereisen und die Welt an ihren Erlebnissen teilhaben lassen. Zur Eröffnung bekamen sechzehn Reisende den Titel „Jupiters Travellers“ verliehen. Und ich gehöre zu den ersten, die sich so nennen dürfen. „Jupiters Travellers“ weiterlesen